VP04 Seafood Platter (35pcs) 海鲜拼盘


Seafood Platter (35pcs) -$12

Sotong Ball (5pcs)

Crab Ball (5pcs)

Seafood Toufu (5pcs)

Crab Stick (5pcs)

Friend Surimi Scallop (5pcs)

Sotong Roll with Meat (5pcs)

Lobsters Ball (5pcs)

Keep in freeze up to 1 month.

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Sotong Ball (5pcs) 苏东丸

Crab Ball (5pcs) 螃蟹丸

Seafood Toufu (5pcs) 海鲜豆腐

Crab Stick (5pcs) 螃蟹棒

Surimi Scallop (5pcs) 海贝

Sotong Roll with Meat (5pcs) 苏东棒包肉

Lobster Ball (5pcs) 龙虾丸