Tiong Bahru Yong Tau Foo began its business in a small pushcart stall in the 60s. Every piece of YTF was made single handedly by its creator, Mdm Tay, then.

Yearning to keep the family recipe alive, Mdm Tay’s daughter, Jenny, started helping out at a young age. Since then, she never looked back. Jenny also created the “to-die-for” Chilli and YTF sauces, to go with the delectable dishes. That’s her secret recipe! Having tolled for so many years, cheerful Jenny always says” It’s all worth it!”

Moving Ahead

Throughout the years, these healthy YTF gound its way onto our dining tables, It has become an integral part of our eating culture unknowingly.

In its third generation now, Jenny wishes for the family recipe to live on, just like how it brings people and ties closer by gathering around the table.

Tiong Bahru Yong Tau Foo recently launched an online portal for the convenience of its customers. You may now order and collect YTF, all with a finger’s click away.

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